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Wonton soup: simplicity is the secret


Wonton soup is an authentic Asian dish that is ideal for all European admirers of delicious and simple food. Here are the reasons to admire it.

The soup consists of a broth cooked with cilantro, chili paste, fried onions, and Pacha kale. The broth does not contain dubious exotic ingredients. Its taste seems familiar and instantaneously wins the heart.

The second important soup ingredient is wontons (Chinese dumplings) usually stuffed with chicken, pork, mushrooms, or vegetables. However, Ninja culinary experts opted for shrimp. This important ingredient gives the soup a pleasant fishy flavor, but at the same time contains fewer calories than meat soup.

In the Ninja Wok menu, soup with wontons can be ordered for 225 hryvnias: 470 grams of pleasure, which will definitely impress you!